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Discovery‘s approach to insurance is characterised by creating products in which our clients become fully engaged and which bring about a positive change in their behaviour. Through its incentive-based driver programme, VitalityDrive™, Discovery Insure encourages you to improve your driving. It rewards you for good driving, ensuring your vehicle is roadworthy and making sure you adhere to driving safety standards. Discovery Insure also provides a set of tools and services to protect you and your family on the road.

Why Discovery Insure?

You can build your own personal insurance plan in three easy steps with Discovery Insure and VitalityDrive™ :

Step 1

Comprehensive motor insurance

Discovery Insure gives you comprehensive motor cover with seamless access to benefits and services

  • Car hire is included at no additional cost:
    • You can use our smartphone application to send us a picture of your vehicle.
    • Then call us and we'll tell you which Avis branch to take your car to.
    • We will ensure that your vehicle is completely restored at one of our approved repair centres.
    • You'll get a courtesy Avis car for the duration of the repair. You will, however, need to leave a security deposit.
    • Once your repairs are complete, you can collect your car at Avis and have your deposit refunded.
  • SmartService™ takes the hassle out of claiming
    • Our smartphone application makes it easy to claim and provides immediate access to emergency support.
    • The Discovery Insure smartphone application enables you to take a photograph of the damage to your vehicle following an accident and send it directly to us - this is all we need to start the claims process.
    • You can use the panic button on your smartphone to let us know if you are in a serious accident.  After calling you to assess the severity, we will send the appropriate emergency assistance.
  • No excess on theft, hijacking, hail, storm or fire
    • We do not apply the policy excess for damage caused by theft, hijacking, hail, storm or fire.
  • Roadside assistance benefits
    • Enjoy peace of mind knowing you'll get the help you need in an emergency. Call Discovery 911 on 0860 999 911 (this phone number is on your car sticker) for emergency help. This benefit is included in your Discovery Insure policy at no extra cost.
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Step 2

Rewards for driving well

The better you drive, the higher your status, the greater your rewards with VitalityDrive™

  • DQ-Track™: Advanced telematics measure your Driver Quotient™
    • You earn Driver Quotient™ (DQ) points by improving your driving and vehicle safety.
    • DQ-Track™ - a telematics and tracking device - measures driving behaviour in real time. Each month, you can earn Driver Quotient™ (DQ) points based on your driving behaviour. In creating our profile of a driver, we consider factors such as harsh braking, acceleration and cornering, all of which increase the risk of loss of control of a vehicle. You can also use the interactive online tool, DQ Mapper™, to see your past trip information and driver records.
    • In addition to driver behaviour points, you can earn up to 500 DQ Points™ a month by taking steps to improve your driving knowledge, awareness and vehicle safety
  • Fuel rewards on your monthly fuel spend
    • Fuel rewards that may be used to fund your policy excess.
    • Up to 40% fuel rewards at BP
    • Activating VitalityDrive™ gives you fuel rewards of 10% on your qualifying BP fuel spend he Excess Funder Account™ allocates up to 80% of your fuel spend to fund your policy excess. The Excess Funder Account™ is a unique offering which enables you to build up a fund to cover your excess if you claim. You can choose to receive your fuel rewards in cash or have these rewards doubled and paid into your Excess Funder Account™
  • Boosted Vitality and DiscoveryCard rewards
    • Up to 35% cash back at DiscoveryCard partners Get up to 35% in cash backs at partner stores through DiscoveryCard. VitalityDrive™ clients with a DiscoveryCard have access to retail partner discounts of up to 15%.
    • Up to 15% cash backs at Tiger Wheel & Tyre Please note: Tiger Wheel & Tyre is available as a DiscoveryCard partner only through VitalityDrive™. Terms and conditions apply
    • Up to 15% discount on local travel partners VitalityDrive™ gives you access to discounted rates on local travel through British Airways, and Europcar.
  • State-of-the-art vehicle and passenger safety features
    • Stolen vehicle recovery included at no extra cost DQ-Track™ is also a stolen vehicle tracking and recovery device. VitalityDrive™ members who install DQ-Track™ have access to nationwide stolen vehicle tracking and recovery at no extra cost.
    • ImpactAlert™ provides real-time emergency support DQ-Track™ works with Discovery Health's emergency response services to provide an automated emergency response.
    • Vehicle safety features through VehicleProtector™ The VehicleProtector™ reduces the risk of vehicle theft by providing immediate alerts and notices if your car battery or DQ-Track™ is tampered with or if your vehicle is moved without going through the normal ignition procedure.
    • Safety features through FamilyProtector™ For an extra monthly cost, the FamilyProtector™ provides a series of extra safety features aimed at improving your family’s safety. The FamilyProtector™ and each of its components are activated online and managed through the user-friendly interface of the DQ Mapper™.
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Step 3

Personal and household insurance

Choose extra vehicle, personal and household insurance depending on your needs

  • Flexible product options to customise your cover
    • Comprehensive motor insurance Motor vehicles weighing less than 3 500kg, motorcycles, trailers and caravans may be insured under a Discovery Insure policy. At least one of the vehicles covered under a Discovery Insure policy must be covered under the Comprehensive policy. Any additional vehicles insured may be covered on the Comprehensive Plan, Third Party, Fire and Theft Plan or the Third Party Plan.
    • Household and personal cover Household contents or personal belongings may only be insured if you have also insured a vehicle on the Comprehensive policy.
  • Young Adult Contrct™ discounted premiums for 18 to 25 year old
    • High-risk driving behaviours, a lack of driving experience and general awareness around the risks of driving all contribute to significantly higher accident rates amongst young adults. Our Young Adult Contract™ offers drivers between the ages of 18 and 25 years old discounted premiums through a contract aimed at raising awareness of good driving behaviour.
  • HomeProtector™: security and emergency accommodation
    • We offer home security services for up to two nights following a burglary and emergency accommodation up to R3 000.
  • No excess for claims out of your control for household and personal items
    • We will not apply your policy excess if the claimed event is due to burglary, fire, lightning, hail, storm or flood damage.

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