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PPS Student Benefits

PPS - Professional Provident Society

Join the largest group of graduate professionals in the world and get a share in one of the hottest financial institutions in South Africa.

Even though you’re still a student, you’re already in business. Yes, you’re in the business of creating your future. PPS Insurance, a unique insurance company created by professionals for professionals, is in the business of securing your future.

You’re probably in a space right now where the last thing on your mind is insurance, aren’t you? There’s studying, there’s exams, there’s parties, there’s dates, there’s sport and there’s socialising.There is also life… and lifestyle. And at some stage you’re going to have to deal with protecting it.

There are some very real benefits to taking out some form of personal risk cover sooner, rather than later. We know that right now you feel indestructible and kryptonite-proof and that nothing will happen to you. We know that you might be hesitant to embark on the journey of protecting your future because of two reasons: ambivalence and cost.

If we haven’t already convinced you that by procrastinating you may be putting your lifestyle, your studies and your future at serious risk, then consider this: on average, over the last three years, PPS Insurance has paid out R182-million annually to graduate professionals who were unable to work for health reasons! If this hasn’t sparked something in you, and raised some concerns, then have a look at our unbelievable offer.

More than 200,000 graduate professionals can’t be wrong!

If you become one of the graduate professionals under our protection, we’ll give you Units of Benefit in PPS Insurance. Simply put, this means that you have a stake in one of South Africa’s hottest insurance companies. The sooner you start securing your future with PPS Insurance, and the longer you stay with us, the more you benefit.

Does PPS charge more for adrenaline junkies?

No! If you have a taste for adrenaline, the kind you get from hazardous pursuits – rock-climbing, scuba diving, microlighting, paragliding, parachuting and even private flying - PPS Insurance will cover you at no additional premium.

What about my stuff?

While it’s just plain smart to protect your future, it’s just as savvy to protect the assets you have right now. Whether you have a Beetle that’s been passed down through the generations or you’re driving the latest SLK, it’s a pretty smart move to insure it. Same goes for your laptop, your cellphone and all your household goods.

OK, so you won’t miss the bean-bag and shaggy carpet if they were pinched. But, losing your high-tech goods may just knock the wind out of your sails. Protect your valued goods with PPS Short-Term Insurance.

Can I get an affordable medical aid, too?

If you’re not chugging down too many burgers and drinks, you should be in pretty good shape, health-wise. And even if your lifestyle isn’t that healthy, you’re at that age where your body can probably handle pretty much anything you throw at it.

However, if you need to be hospitalised, you need a medical aid to protect you. With Profmed, the only medical aid in South Africa catering exclusively for graduate professionals, you can be sure that you’ll be more than covered. And, there’s a hospital plan to cater for your specific needs.

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