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Mortgage Bond and Project Finance Solutions

We prepare and submit applications for property development funding and outright purchases of Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural and Residential properties.

Do you need finance on

  • Property Finance
  • Commercial Finance
  • Industrial Finance
  • Agricultural Finance
  • Development Finance
  • Asset Finance
  • Moveable Assets Finance
  • Bridging Finance
  • 2nd Bond Finance for Blacklisted

What we do:

Personal interviews with clients, motivations, pre-assessments, further requirements , submissions, liaison with money lenders, and are submitted to  financial institutions, private investors, equity partners  in order to source the best finance package for our clients.

Why use us:

With our intimate knowledge and experience in the commercial and industrial finance sector,  we are able to prepare these applications to give the clients an above average opportunity to be granted funding. Our financial director is a senior ex –banker who has the experience, knowledge, drive, dedication and contacts to ensure that your application gets the attention it deserves.


We guarantee that all dealings will be undertaken on a professional and  strictly confidential basis and that we will do everything legal within our means, to get your application approved.


R 500.00 commitment fee.

Area of Operation:

South Africa.

Types of Funding:

Property Development Finance :

  • Mother Bonds :

    Let us put your application for development finance together and find a suitable
    financial package at no cost to you.

  • End User Finance :
    Commercial (Office and Retail) and  Industrial(Factory and Warehouses)

    Selling your developments, Offices, Retail Space, Factories, Warehouses and similar but your clients can’t get finance. We will prepare their applications and  improve your cash-flow.

Existing Properties

  • Own Commercial and Industrial Bonds :

    Not happy with your existing deal. We know of some very good financial packages in the
    market. Let us improve on what you have.

  • New Commercial and Industrial  Bonds:

    Identified a property that you wish to purchase; we will arrange a commercial or
    industrial mortgage bond.

  • Special Categories

    Churches, conference centres, hotels, game lodges and agricultural loans are
    all undertaken. Let us show you what we can do.

Impotant Notice:

20% Equity/Deposit Required!

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