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Exchange Traded Notes (ETN's)

Exchange Traded Notes…

Commodity-Linker ETNs are JSE listed instruments that track the performance of an underlying commodity. These ETNs provide investors with a vehicle to access a market previously inaccessible to both individual and institutional SA investors.


Instead of owning, storing and insuring physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium, invesotrs can enter the precious metals market by purchasing Commodity-Linkers. In addition, the commodities market can now be accessed via another avenue than the traditional USD commodity futures. The ETNs therefore provide investors with exposure to the performance of the precious metals without the necessity of trading the underlying commodity futures. The inconvenience of margin calls, which is particular to futures trading, can be avoided.

Popular ETNs

  • Standard Bank
    • Gold-Linker ETN (JSE Code: SBAGI)
    • Silver-Linker ETN (JSE Code: SBASI)
    • Platinum-Linker ETN (JSE Code: SBAPLI)
    • Palladium-Linker ETN (JSE Code: SBAPDI)
    RMB Oil Index (JSE Code: OILRMB)