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Satrix Range of Funds

The Johannesburg Securities Exchange (JSE) offers a range SATRIX of Exchange Traded Funds

It’s difficult, if not impossible, for most asset managers and even short-term speculators to beat the returns offered by the Satrix 40 on a regular basis”
- Vic de Klerk (

Even Sir Richard Branson says that “We never employed fund managers, some of the world’s most highly paid people, since we discovered their best kept secret – they could never consistently beat the stock-market index.”

We are going to explain to you in as much detail as possible, everything you need and want to know about all the SATRIX products available to you, like the SATRIX top 40, SATRIX Fini, SATRIX Indi, SATRIX Resi,  SATRIX Swix and SATRIX Divi, SATRIX RAFI 40.

What is SATRIX?

Satrix lets you own the performance of the JSE’s top blue chip companies with a single transaction.

The SATRIX index funds are a Low Cost option for the investor to gain access to investing on the JSE. It is a Collective Investment, that comprises securities (shares) of the top listed companies that are currently trading on the JSE.

Usually, in order to invest on the JSE, you will be required to make use of stockbroker services or other online trading institutions, as well as have a large capital before you are able to invest directly on the JSE. Of course you also need to be knowledgeable about listed securities, manage and control your investments constantly.

The SATRIX Exchange Traded Funds.

They are the:

  • SATRIX Top 40
    (Top 40 listed companies index)
  • SATRIX Fini 15
    (Top 15 listed financial companies index)
  • SATRIX Indi 25
    (Top 25 listed industrial companies index)
  • SATRIX Resi
    (Major 20 resource companies listed on the JSE)
  • SATRIX Swix Top 40
    (Less volatile Basket of Top 40 Shares)
  • SATRIX Dividend Plus (Satrix Divi)
    (Top 30 companies paying higher than average dividends)
  • Satrix RAFI 40
    (RAFI 40 index selects companies on the basis of an indexing method that utilizes various fundamental accounting measures for choosing the constituent companies in the index, rather than the more traditional market capitalization method.) 

In order for you to know exactly which SATRIX investment product is the absolute best one for you, you need to know what the SATRIX products are.

Satrix Fund
JSE Codes
Satrix Top 40
Satrix Divi
Satrix Fini
Satrix Indi
Satrix Rafi
Satrix Resi
Satix Swix


Just like the name suggests, the SATRIX Top 40 is a collection of the top 40 companies that are currently listed on the JSE. The major companies that are included in the top 40 index account for 95% of the trading on the JSE. The SATRIX 40 PERFORMANCE records are well ahead of inflation, and keeping in mind the JSE’s past record of long-term growth, this is the perfect option for you if you want to generate capital growth over an extended period of time.

SATRIX Fini 15

The Satrix Fini 15 tracks the FTSE/JSE Financial 15 index. This index comprises the 15 larges financial shares listed on the JSE. Imagine owning a part in the 15 largest financial companies in South Africa! That is exactly what the SATRIX Fini index is. The SATRIX Fini index fund accurately replicate the FTSE/JSE Fini 15 index by holding the exact number and weighting of shares that constitute this index. What makes the SATRIX Fini worthwhile? Well, it comprises of the 5 largest banks in South Africa, the main long-term and short-term insurance companies and other general financial companies. SATRIX FINI PERFORMANCE

SATRIX Indi 25

Satrix Indi tracks the FTSE/JSE Industrial 25 index. This index comprises the top 25 industrial companies listed on the JSE. Satrix Indi accurately replicates the FTSE/JSE Indi 25 index, by holding the shares in this index in exactly the weighted and number they constitute the index. All dividends received from companies in the industrial 25 index are paid to Satrix Indi shareholders at the end of each quarter. Investors who purchase and hold Satrix Indi securities accordingly, obtain the performance and yield of the top 25 industrial companies in the JSE with the convenience and low cost of a single trade. SATRIX INDI PERFORMANCE

Satrix Resi

The Satrix Resi tracks the FTSE/JSE Resources 20 index. This index consists solely of resources based stocks, including mining companies, mining holding companies, mining finance and exploration companies and resource based stocks, such as Sasol. The asset manager of the Satrix Resi accurately replicates the FTSE/JSE Resources 20 index, by holding the exact weighting and number of shares that constitute this index. Any dividends paid by the 20 resources companies in this index are distributed to Satrix Resi shareholders at the end of each quarter. In this way the holders of Satrix Resi securities replicate the total performance (capital plus dividend yield) of the top 20 major resources companies listed on the JSE. SATRIX RESI PERFORMANCE

Satrix Swix Top 40

The Satrix Swix Top 40 tracks the FTSE/JSE Swix Top 40 index. This shareholder weighted Top 40 index makes use of the share register of the top forty companies to reduce the constituent weights for foreign shareholders in these stocks. In addition, the Swix Top 40 is adjusted for cross-holdings and strategic holdings. The impact is to reduce the weightings of mainly resource and dual-listed stocks in the Top 40 index by approximately half.

The asset manager of the Satrix Swix Top 40 accurately replicates the FTSE/JSE Swix Top 40 index, by holding the exact weighting and number of shares that constitute this index. Any dividends that are paid by the top forty companies are paid out to Satrix Swix Top 40 shareholders at the end of each quarter. In this way the holders of Satrix Swix top 40 securities replicate the total performance (capital plus dividend yield) of the top 40 companies listed on the JSE.

Satrix Fund Performance figures, income reinvested on payment date
Satrix Fund JSE Codes
1 year
3 year
5 year
Since Inception
Satrix Swix Top40 (swix)
Satrix Resi (resi)
Satrix Rafi40 (rafi)
Satrix Indi25 (indi)
Satrix Fini15 (fini)
Satrix Dividend Plus (divi)
Satrix Top40 (top40)
Source: Morningstar©, April 2016, Satrix Fund Fact sheets. (past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance)

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