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Debt Consolidation - Personal Loans

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation: Ease your cash flow by consolidating many smaller Debts into one.

Settle debts like:

  • arrears credit cards
  • motor vehicle arrears
  • school fees
  • municipal rates

Why use our services?

  • Solutions for people with or without properties
  • Negotiate with your credit providers
  • Undergo a legitimate legal process
  • Keep a clean credit record

Debt Counselling.

Debt Counselling is a legal process whereby a debt re-arrangement plan is put in place.

Voluntary Sequestraion.

Sequestration is the voluntary surrender of your estate (declaring yourself insolvent), which is a process under the Insolvency Act.

3 simple steps to a debt free life

  1. Enter your details once
  2. Receive advice and quotes for debt solutions
  3. Start living your life debt free!

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